Major Updates Part 1!

October 12, 2008

Yes this is a multiple part thing, why?  Well everything is not done yet (I am still waiting for a few things to fall through) so instead of waiting for them I decided to split it up so you get nice chunks  for your enjoyment.  This is a special thank you to making the map have over 40,000 views you guys (and girls) rock!

1) Separation: Yes one of the biggest complaints I am getting is that the map is too big.  People want to see a little pocket of the map with all the stores at once.  So I am working on that as we speak.  Ultimately there will be new maps for specific areas (the North East, the South West, Canada, Europe, etc.) where you can go into your area and find the stores by you.  I am organizing the existing entries right now to make sure what store goes into which region.  So those map will be up once that is done, also doing this allows me too…

2)Directory view:  Yup for those who do not like to navigate around a map (yes I can understand that sometimes it doesn’t work the way you want it) you can see all the entries via text.  This is a killing two birds with one stone thing because once I do get it separated on a basic level, I can drill it down even further to allow a “yellow page” look to the entries.  Go go spreadsheets!

3)Confirmation scale: Another big gripe some people had with the map, they go to a place only to find it not there anymore.  So what I am going to do is add a simple confirmation system.  Red is that the location is unconfirmed but the entry exists (according to the Internet), yellow means that someone has reviewed the location or I get an email telling me that “yes this place exists,”  and green is a location where either I visited or called.  Yes I am going to call EVERY store (that my phone plan will allow me to) to see if they are in fact still up and running and get some more information so that I can add it to the map.  I am going to really hate phones when I do this process, but it is going to be all for you!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for part two where I get into some non map related items, and I finally put to rest the biggest gripe you all have been having.  Until then take care.


Almost there…

October 10, 2008

Hi everyone, I know I mentioned that a major update is going to be coming in the alst few days (and still is by the way) that things are going with a snag.  Well before I can announce all that I need to finalize a few things on my end.  Once I get the ok from certain people I will be able to talk about all the good stuff coming down the pike.  So I am almost there, but be prepared to witness a HUGE  change.

Major Updates Coming Soon!

October 7, 2008

I have received all your messages on how to make the site better, well in the near future I will be able to show you which ideas I am going to implement on the site.  Here is a hint: most of them have nothing to do with the map itself!

Stay tuned for more information.

Darn you KML restrictions!

September 29, 2008

Hello all this is the map guy again with a quick update.  Just to let you all know you now can not view the .kml file in google earth anymore.  Why is that?  Well the kml is too big.  For some reason a genius over at google has set a limit of 1000 items on a google map, now I am at a mere 765 items, so it should work.  However since it is the free version that I am using, google places items on the map by default and you can not remove them unless you buy a license for google earth pro and then find out how to remove the “optional” local ads.

So if you are wondering why it is not working, that’s why.  Now the two ways to go about this is just to use the online map and suffer in the four pages, or get the pro edition and remove those local ads to get it to work again (Edit: “Someone” told me it will not work in Pro Edition, thanks for the tip).  I am working on a few things on my end that might help the cause, but at the moment I do not want to get into them until I get some positive results.  So stay tuned because the map is going to get cooler.

Also as an asside stay tuned for an article from Coldguy on, I recently did a psuedo interview with him and the results should be up shortly.

Hello everyone this is map guy again with a quick update and call for help. First the update. Recently I was told of a website called Cheap Ass Gamer where gamers of the current generation go to find which store has the best discount on the latest gaming goodies. I went there to check it out and I noticed that many people on that site have the same traits are a frugal shopper of the retro gamer, so I took a shot in the dark and ask the forum on the site for their help in finding stores.

Did they ever come through in the clutch. Not only did the amount of hits on the site skyrocked to record highs, but over 100 stores were added per their suggestions. That’s right we have crossed over into the 700s (at last check the number is 717 stores) so I would like to give the community over at CAG a big awesome thanks for their help into this project. Remember, retro stores often sell modern stuff too, so don’t forget to check them out.

Now for the cry for help claim. I am looking for a few people to help me work on the map, in the past I was vauge as to what I was looking for and no one came to the call, so this time I am going to be specific, and if you are interested let me know and I will give you further details. So here is exactly what I am looking for (at the moment):

  • Integrity checkers: This person(s) will make sure there are no duplicate entrys in the map as well as ensure that everything is formatted properly.  I do this solo at the moment and need a hand to ensure I do not make a mistake.
  • Icon maker: the biggest complaint I have received “why do you use the same icon?”  simple, that is what google has.  So I am asking someone who is good at making icon to make icons for chains of stores (i.e. Play N Trade) so they get a special icon to show that they are part of a bigger chain.  Also need to have a place to upload them since wordpress and files never go together that well.
  • Researcher: By far a big one, I have researched for HOURS on end and could use a hand on someone else to look up stores in their area or in other places.  Let me know if you are interested in this and I will help you get started
  • Web Designer: Second biggest complaint,”why does the site look retarded?” Well it is the best looking template on WordPress that’s why!  So if anyone wants a pet project, I want to see your work and if I select you, who knows what might happen.

That is all for now, stay tuned for more.

Oh Canada!

September 19, 2008

Hello all, map guy again with a quick few updates.  With my intenet ninja skills I have sprinked Central canada with a nice slection of retro store goodness.  So for those canucks who have been telling me that I have neglecting them for a while, you can take your maple syrup and shove it up your goalie mask now as I answered your calls.  Your welcome.

Also while searching for stores in America’s attic I came across a site with some listings of retro stores that were not on the map (yay!) however there is a dilemma.  I came across 4 stores in the land that I would love to (eventually) get covered, Brazil.  However this guy forgot to include addresses to them making them hard to put on the map.  However he was nice to include the GPS coordinates for each location.  I am asking someone out there if you can find a way to translate the Latitiude and Longitiude to an actual street address so I can get them on the map.  Here are the stores:

Any help is greatly appreciated. Keep those stores coming in, until next time take care!

603 Stores (and updates)!

September 11, 2008

I am the master of the intertubes! This is Map guy with an update for you all, at this point there is now at 603 STORES! That means it is 4 pages on Google maps! I can not believe it myself, however Scotland entered the map as well as some other hidden gems in the US and Canada that allowed it to go over the top. So I want to thank all of you who have made their additions and suggestions for the map this would not be as successful if it were not for all of you. Thank you all.

Now for some other updates, apparently people are telling me that they are using google earth for searching the map. That is cool, the kml is out there and google earth is a nice program so I don’t mind. Here is the issue, all the major suggestion on this site can be solved in google earth, to the point people are giving me “other” suggestions. These include the map outside of the google earth default view, a forum, and some images to link and spread the word. I would not mind taking the site to the next level, but if I were to do that the map would be slowing down. I would like to ask if you want more site updates and less map updates, please leave a comment and let me know which way you want the updates to go.

Next a rumbling is occurring by some arcade fans who want me to combine powers with them to include arcades on the map. Now at the moment there are no arcades on the map, for the reason is that they do not sell retro games in the most common aspect. Some people are arguing that pinball and arcade sellers should be including on the map since they are in the retro area Personally I think that deserves a map all onto itself since (to me) you are dealing with another crowd of people who want to own a pinball or arcade machine. Usually when I say retro video game, the NES comes to mind and not the Bride of Pinbot.

Also, by the powers of youtube there is a guy who exposes gamestop. He parodied the popular styling of Yahzee’s Zero Punctuation in order to get the message to the masses that gamestop is nothing more then a pawn shop. Here is his channel, and yet another reason you can tell modern gamers to check out this map, since most classic gaming stores also sell modern games. So spread the word and promote this map some more (and also not shop at gamestop, they took away my funcoland and I am still pissed).

Finally I would like to thank someone I do not know. Someone out there checked out the site and decided to check one of the stores out. The store is We Got Freaken Video Games! and after checking the place out they told the people who worked there that she came to their store from my map. Now they were so taken aback by this that they email me to thank me for doing this project. It was one of those email that took me aback and made my day. Thank you mystery shopper, and I encourage all of you to let the stores know about this map, since it is the only one of its kind I would like them to know that we take care of each other and ensure that customer quality is known from store to store and that we support the retro gaming network scene.