So you are wondering “Hey I looked at your map at there is no store around me!” Well calm down it isn’t the end of the world. You are going to have to do a little more research to find it, what I had to do to find stores before this map was created. Here are some tips to hunting down these stores.

  • Get your local phone book and looking up business listings, remember “video games” may not be the best way to find these stores, get creative in your keywords
  • Ask around, friends are always an invaluable resource
  • Go to yard sales and grange sales not only do you pick up old games there for decent prices but to find other people who look for older games. Use this opportunity to talk and share locations
  • Look for local events to go to, these events have vendors that may know other vendors in your area. Sometimes going to conventions in areas outside of gaming can yield interesting results
  • Join a forum, ask around sometimes a secret spot is shown in a deep inactive thread or by another person on the website
  • Get your local newspaper and read the advertisements, sometimes store can only afford to advertise print, while you are there check the classified for good bargins

Have a suggestion? Add it in a comment.


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