So this Map thingy? How did it come about? Well I am glad you asked because I can tell you that it was due to spring cleaning.

Yes Spring Cleaning.

I am a retro gamer and my room was covered in paperwork and a big mess, so I decided to clean it up, in the process of this I came across a folder I had about games stores I’ve been to. These places were areas I been to, including some places I haven’t been. I waxed nostalgia and checked my computer that was filled to the brim in bookmarks. I decided to consolidate them into a folder, however then I had an idea.

Why put these things into a folder when all I am going to do is use them to get directions? So I poked around Google Maps for a while to figure out how it worked and inputed the information there. I took a look on it and said, “This is cool, I wonder if anyone else has a store they would like to share?”

I then posted a cry for help in various forums such as and digital press to see if other people are willing to help, it took a while to get some headway but people slowly people started to let me know of locations around the world. Once I hit 100 someone submitted the map over to Destructoid and the rest is history.

Now you know how the map came about it is time to answer some other questions:


Coming soon.


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