Hello everyone this is map guy. Well I am going to put it bluntly, I have been busy. My job search is taking much longer then I had anticipated and people who were on board to take the site to the next level simply lost interest. I am unable to carry all the changes and edits on my own anymore. So I have opened the map for everyone to edit again and all updates and new features are frozen until further notice. Again sorry I did not keep you all in the loop, but I hope that if you are reading this and are willing to help out that making the map open will be a golden opportunity for you to contribute. Thank you all again and I hope to be back soon.


Where have I been?

July 2, 2008

Hello everyone this is map guy again and wanted to post a quick update as to what has been going on with the map. Right now I am currently working on the map and the functionality of it. I have been getting a lot of suggestions on how to make the map better, from simple things like making it bigger, to a bit more difficult of finding stores within X miles from your house. I am working on these things for the map and they are coming…very slowly.

I am at the point in order to make these features available in the near future to ask if anyone would like to help me in this endeavor. I have most of the information done, still some checking and tweaking has to be done, but the overall features that you want is something I could use some help on as I am finishing up the remaining documents. You can help me get everything in order so that it can be integrated with no issue. If you are interested, please contact me at retrogamemap at gmail dot com.

In other news the store additions have been slowly trickling in due to the fact no one is suggesting any stores to go to. If you have a store, please suggest it so that I can add it to the map for all to see. I have been a little busy with working to do some store research, so I am in need of the people of the internet to help me with finding stores.

That is all for the moment, until next time use the map and tell a friend about it too.