We got a domain!

June 19, 2008

Yes it is true, and official! Change your bookmarks to http://retromap.net on here you will find…the exact same page. However it will be updated automatically and when I can get a better design it will be shown here.

Also if you click on The Map, it is now showing every single pin location on a google map hack, not exactly what I wanted to do, but in the mean time it is better then nothing.

Also went through the comments and updated the map to include a SECOND location in Alaska as well as one Atlantic City. Check out the new locations when you can, that is all for now.


Ah, I got sunburnt!

June 9, 2008

Hello all just wanted to check in with you with an update about what has been going on.

1) I got back from vacation! Nice time at the beach in Wildwood, hit up the arcades down there….no retro stores to report back on.

2) I am working on Map 2.0 as we speak and have good news! I figured out an issue with the map! It is the xml file. Since there is no validation tool to help me debug the entire file, it is back to me rewriting the whole thing. <sarcasm>Oh the joy of XML editing on over 500 entries!</scarcasm>

3) I will be at the next NAVA, and so will the cast of Captain S, Life in a Game, and the AVGN. Come by and check it out if you can, maybe get something signed or something…

4) This song is catchy and wanted to share.

That’s all for now.