Map update

May 30, 2008

Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all a quick update on the map status.  First the list of stores is organized in one giant, huge, and boring to look at xml file.  That took a while since there is no real good way to automate organization of the items.  At times like this cut and paste is your friend.  The API is growing…slowly.  Map 2.0 will not have a lot of features, just your basic zoom, navigation, directions and the points on the map.  Yes I would like to add more onto the map to make it just better, but the goal the moment is to get the map up and running on a dedicated web page.  Once I get it working locally you will see the beta of it somewhere on the web.  Stay tuned.

Also I will be going to NAVA this Saturday at Digital Press, if you are in the area come by and say hi.  That is all for now, more is coming soon.


The BIG announcement

May 25, 2008

Hello everyone, this is Map guy and I am here with a special announcement for you all. I have….

*we interrupt this announcement with some minor news*

1) The link issue is done, apparently it is in the show notes of Retro Gaming Radio, I am listening to the show now to catch the plug.

2) We have invaded Alaska! Which was a lot harder to crack then I thought it would be, apparently “game” in Alaska is more hunting then of the child variety, there are a few other stores up there that I can not confirm that they are retro, so to those gamers up in the north (not that north, more north then you) to fill in the area.

3) 49 states have a retro store, only one more to go!

*thank you for the interruption of the minor news, we now take you back to the regularly scheduled announcement*

Alright now the announcement we have all been waiting for…

The Map is going 2.0

That’s right I am going to overhaul the map. I am not talking about just more stores or a reorganization, no no. I am going to modify the API so that the most up to date information will be housed outside of Therefore all those little organizing things you have been suggesting me to do, will eventually be included. For now the goal is to create a master map with all the stores on the map in the API outside of the default site. Once I get that going, the possibilities open up to your design suggestions. So if you send a site in to be added, please keep in mind that it will not go up as quickly as it normally would, however once the new map is up….prepare to be amazed.

That is the big news, I would like to thank all of those who have helped in any way to make this little idea and make it something more then a hobby. Words can not describe how I am happy to know every single store addition, site suggestion, conversation started, or even just emailing the link to someone you might think it is worth a look, the site can not go forward without you. This map upgrade is a little thank you to you all.

Until next time, I am going to be stuck under more XML coding, while you be walking around in Funkertown.

A tad confused…

May 22, 2008

Hello all this is Map guy again with a quick question.  I tend to check out the blog every now and then to see how well it is doing and how many people visit it.  One nice feature is I can see where people find the blog at and what they clicked on.  Now recently I have this one link that is driving me crazy because I do not know what it is.  Here is the link;

When I click on it, I do not get anything, it wants me to log in somewhere, and then gives me an error.  Apparently it is actually a web radio show on OLD games (no big deal), however when I look for the page or mention of the site on there, I come up blank.  Anyone know about this?

Hello again, map guy here with some updates.  If you haven’t checked the map out in a while I suggest you should.  With the help of Spooky and Nicola we have circled the world some more on the retro gaming scene.  I have a nice batch of UK stores for you to go visit as well as some French and Italian cuisine as well.  So check those stores out and get those reviews in, any information is greatly needed for the map.

Now I had a suggestion for the site that I wanted to share with all of you and ask for your suggestion on.  “Hey wouldn’t it be neat to have all the goodwill/salvation army/(insert donation center) on the map?”  Well I did think about this, some of us want to know where these locations are as another check and other people think it is a waste of space due to the fact it is really hit and miss if you are going to find something in a second hand shop.  Sure you could find a gold mine down there, but who really knows?  I mean it is not like various charitable organizations have their own websites with a listing of stores for you to use.  I see both sides on this one, yes I could put it on the map because yes retro games do go to these shops, and you could get them for a steal.  However they are not really “retro stores” so to put them on the map is somewhat misleading…what do you all think?

That’s it for now, I might have some REALLY big news in the future, however I do not want to tip my hand until I get some details squared away, so stay tuned.

Whew…what a week. A lot of stuff going on, and map guy is back with a major update!

1) Australia, welcome to the map! I found out about the gametraders chain of stores and added all the locations. Northern Territory is lonely though….sorry.

2) We’ve hit over 500 stores! Awesome everyone keep those suggestions coming in, I will randomly add things as I see them in your comments, however if you do not see your store on the map, please be patient I am running a tight shift with a bunch of other things.

3) ITS OVER 14,000 (views)! Wow, I didn’t see if someone linked to the map from another location but I just saw a huge surge in views as of late, so if anyone knows why, let me know.

4) Other is now designated as Purple/Magenta Pins on the google map, thought to let you all know that.

5) ITS MOTHER’S DAY! Remember to call your Mom sometime today, its not like you normally would do it, but surprise her today.

That’s it for now, have a good day and remember that this is a knife! (What? You wanted to make some Outback steakhouse reference instead? I thought Ben Hogan would be funnier)

Hi all, yes it has been a while but I have good news to report! Tomorrow is the grand opening of a retro game store! Amazing isn’t it? Here is the address for all of you to check it out.

People Play Games
3264 1/2 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

So if anyone is near by Wrigley Field, check it out and review it.

Now for the sad news, my schooling has been delayed. Basically remember how Sony felt when the release of MGS4 was delayed, I have that same feeling with graduating. It is so close only to be yanked away from me and having someone go “Hey you know your schooling? We are going to force you to do a long ass project for another month hahahahahaha!”

As you might expect things are going to be delayed due to this, at this junction I wanted to tell you all that I had an awesome time at toomanygames and share some kickass vendor info, however due to personal life issues mentioned about I had to skip the event. :(

So the great reorganization will not occur until I am done with school so expect that in June/July range. I am still adding stores to the map as you see above, however things did slow down on that end, I don’t know if this was due to everyone already shared their stores or if that there is no more to add (please be the first one), so I am asking all of you if you have any stores to share let me know so I can add them, if not then pass the link around to people who have not seen it so we can blow it up. There are still no stores in New Hampshire and Alaska, cmon people we almost found a store in every state, including New Mexico!

One more thing, the map is OVER 9000 10000 11000 12000 views, sorry had to due that.