The ego has lifted

April 27, 2008

Hello everyone, map guy here again with an interesting development. People recolonize me, in public! I mean I do not know how this came about, I have no image on this blog, nor anywhere for that matter. So for someone to come up to me and say “Dude I think you are a genius with the map.” Caught me off guard. Although I have to admit I was going to a NAVA meeting, which is in Digital Press, where I plugged the site to no end. So it could have been putting 2 and 2 together. However in my experience at the event I had 2 good questions come up that I would like to share with all of you about the idea.

1) Why do you have people submit the stores in that format?
This is something I like to call saving time. If you didn’t notice in order to add a pin into a google map, you need to copy the address in one line format, click add to my maps, and then fill in additional information. So what I do is after you submit it in, I simply copy the line of the address, add it to the map, and then copy and paste the whole thing to the description. Therefore less work on my part adding the stores, while giving you full credit for the entry. Makes everyones life much easier and saves me time.

2) Do you verify the stores that you enter?
Yes and No, this is a hard one to explain. I would love to go and call up each and every store to ensure that they are there, and then put it on the map. However my phone bill will highly disagree with me doing that action. Once I get a lead I search for a website, if you have a website that is up to date, you are in. I grow weary about accounts that represent the website of a gaming store, those are 50/50 that they are there. Would I want to have a verification setup for entering a store? Heck yes! Is it going to happen anytime soon? Most likely not, remember I am not making a dime off the stuff I put on the map, and to manually go to visit the store or call them takes money to do.

However since this is an open project, if you see any errors with a store that is on the map, there is an update a store tab on this site. You can fill in the blanks that are left out or just tell me that someone made it up and it is not there. I would immediately treat any inaccuracies that did occur and add your information in to boot.

That is all for now, keep those stores coming and remember to dust off your old systems, it is spring cleaning after all.


Go me!

April 25, 2008

Map guy again with a quick update, I have gotten the one view thing squared away! So all you need to do is simple:

First copy the location of this link.

Now paste that link into this cool site right here and click the button. Tada you can now view it into one simple view! All the pins will not be shown at the same time unless you zoom. Swapping between 3 screens no longer applies, sweet!

Now using this handy site there is a way to export it into a huge .kml file for those of you who use Google Earth. Due to this I can do the Big reorganization shuffle thingy! So everything is more organized. However….do not expect it anytime soon. I am finishing up college at the moment and what to make sure I graduate before attempting this, I can tell this is going to be a nice weekend project…however rest assured that this is going to be done in the upcoming months.

Also before I go, big shout out to the Konami Code from SUNY university! I was mentioned on their radio program yesterday and you can check them out every Thursday at 7 right here. Simply download the stream and you be off and running. Keep those store suggestions coming everything will be added with your input. Until next time, take care.

Some updates

April 22, 2008

Hello again, it is the map guy again with a few quick updates. First off I would like to have Dtoid again for posting the article about the map here. I do thank you for your support in this.   Also a really big thanks to Smork from Digital Press site for adding in some kick ass stores from the land of the rising sun. Check out page three to see them.

Now I can say that we are over 400 stores on the map, and can not thank you all enough. One complaint I keep getting is that it isn’t organized. Well you are right Google doesn’t have a nice organization feature built in and I have to do in manually, however Google has an issue from transferring information from one page to another. I am working with Google at the moment to make it neater for you, so it is a work in progress.

Also someone asked about the color pins, well those are for me and the organization to come. Blue is USA, Light blue is Canada, Purple is central and south America, Europe is in Green, Africa is Yellow, Asia is in red, and other is….something. Makes it easier for you to look down the list for a store listings in your area.

Also some interesting developments, I will be over at Too Many Games in Reading May 4th! If you are in the area and are attending, make sure you stop and say hi. Be cool to meet some new people from a new neighborhood. There is also a good chance of seeing me at the next NAVA and South Jersey Classic as well this and next weekend. I will be traveling all over the place…as long as the car holds up for it, darn check engine light is looming.

Also yes I am aware that searching on multiple pages isn’t fun, I am working on a solution on that soon. I am close to finding one, you will know when it comes into effect. That’s all I can think of at the moment, take care.

Why do I do this?

April 20, 2008

Hello again, this is that map guy again answering a common question that is being brought to my attention “what drives this guy to make this map?”  Well a couple things actually, first this map was used for a class project on the effect of specialty retail stores across America, and had it as part of the assignment.  The other was to find other stores to check out and explore to fill holes in my collection, third because no one else did it so why not?

However the overall factor as to why I did it was because of things like this:

By the way, I went to the Console Game Exchange in Irving Mall in Irving, TX yesterday. It’s only been open since the 15th. It’s a smaller location than the others it seems. I ended up talking to the manager guy there for over an hour about our shared love of vehicular combat games and our shared hatred of stupid customers. (We had a bit of fun making a customer feel stupid for asking how much a PS1 Tomb Raider game was, when it had a clearly labeled price sticker on the front.) He told me that there’s also another location in Collin Creek Mall in Plano, TX. I haven’t been to that one yet.

Good news is that CGX is planning on opening a couple new locations a year. Right now they’re mostly bunched up in the north of Dallas, but hopefully for folks that live on the other side of the city there’s hope that they’ll be opening more locations near us soon. -Steve W

These stories like this are being shared around various forums and people are relearning what it was like to shop for games.  Sure you can go online, read reviews, then pick up a game at a large retailer, but you are missing the point of being a gamer.

Stories similar to this one tell a tale of going into a store for a first time, meeting the regulars, talking about games, and finding new titles to try out.  The “hey if you like that you will love this” syndrome.  In the early days of gaming that is all we had, no internet reviews or fancy tv shows, it was the back of the box and the employees of the stores.  I have play MANY a game which I thought was bad looking at it, but turning out that it kick ass.  Anytime I stumble across someone visiting a store because they found it on my map, just makes me searching for the stores that much more worth while.  Do you have a story to share about visiting a new retro store?

So what is going on?

April 19, 2008

Hello everyone sorry about the abrupt locking of the map but it had to be done.  I know some are you are a tad confused as to why, so let me explain.  As I constantly add information from various sources out on the internet and check and double check store locations, I have kept an eye on the stores that are on the map.  I keep track of certain “pockets” of stores to maintain that stores do not get changed or altered.  During the course of the past two days I have seen stores literally disappearing from the map.  After some investigation it quickly became apparent that certain people were deleting stores in certain areas.  One was a mistake, twice is a trend, and the map is locked.  However I do want people to continue to send suggestions to the map and make it a living breathing document to help all.  So here we are, a quick and easy blog for the time being.

I know this make things a bit slow and less convent, however in order to keep the map the way it should be.  I am looking for some help making this blog look more appealing, so if you want to pitch in a hand with some wordpress work or just want to add stores directly to the big name, click on the tab above and send me a message.

So new procedure to add stores?  Click on the add store tab, read the directions, and leave a comment following them.  I know it is a pain however it makes my life easier to entering information into the map.  Also if you do visit a store and want to add your two cents click on the update store tab and do the same thing.  Again I will monitor the blog and update it with your information as soon as I see it.  I can not thank you all enough for your information and no email or message can express my gratitude for your information.  To all who contributed or going to contribute I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh before I go, there is no need to add a Play N Trade stores, it took me over 10 hours and 3 days to add EVERY SINGLE LOCATION on the map.  I have never been to these stores, none of which are in my area, but from the torment of copying and pasting over 100 stores into google earth, it will get to you.  I can’t say anything bad about it other then you need to change the store locater on the website, it is bad.

Until next time, keep those suggestions coming and share the word to others, lets get this map around the world.

P.S. To Mr. Dale North, yes I have found 5 stores across the great state of New Mexico, go visit them.

Welcome to the Map beta!

April 17, 2008

What once started as a organization tool is quickly becoming the ultimate guide to retro gaming stores. The site is in beta at the moment as some things are being made behind the scenes as we speak. If you want to know any of the latest information, click on the RSS feed and subscribe to this page, all the latest news will be posted here.

If you are interested in make this site look cooler, or just helping out with the input of stores, click on the contract tab and send me your contact information.  Thanks for stopping by.